Embedded and Mobile Development

The onboard computer is a return to sources, a difficult step but a mandatory one for the future. Few years ago we went from electronics, to digital, now we move towards the digital embedded.

Embedded Linux, Android, Symbian, iPhone …

For many years, the systems called “embedded” do not, or do rarely use some software other than expensive mobile devices such as satellites, crawlers, etc.. Today, the devices we use in our daily life contain an increasing amount of software. This contributes to the competitiveness of these devices by allowing easier use for the user, but often more complex reality. These devices and mobile terminals such as smart-phones or PDAs, Mobile Phones, Cars, Set-top Box, interactive, television, coffee machines…

Embedded System

However, an embedded system is not a simple extension of desktop computers. These systems have specific requirements, like the small size of the memory, the need to deal with certain real-time information, the need to discover and drive new devices, to locate, to communicate with fixed points. Faced with this new software environment that combines constraints and diversity, all major players in the software market are included, starting with the leading providers of software platforms. That created a need to strike a balance between programming interfaces specific to each product and standardization, which enables economies of scale through.

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Study Project

Our specialists are studying, on one hand, your project and its specifics, the embedded hardware environments, and on the other hand the software requirements that result. We will analyze and evaluate the technical options offered by major market performers on different software platforms which we will develop, for example, testing applications on different targets.