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Welcome to 2KiP: Solutions suitable to your needs.

2KiP offers its expertise in software development: Web, Win32, Open Source, Embedded…

About 2KiP

Tunisian Company of Computer engineering offshore

2KiP provides professionals with human resources and tools for decision support as part of their project, offering a strong added value in the scope of the following activities:

-Development of custom software solutions (Win32, Linux, Web).

-Development of specific applications of marketing.

-Development of Streaming Media solutions.

-Conception and development of GUI (Graphical User Interface) for embedded devices

We develop for you :

Compress the time to exceed your goals! Improve your design without loss of reputation.. Sustainable and evolving developments Reduce costs and improve your competitiveness
Start your site within hours, and enjoy a unique experience that grows with your needs. Our team of graphic artists will help you choose from thousands of unique themes, allowing you to add custom CSS that reflect your style and maintain an exclusive look. Our goal: To associate and combine thousands of features to enjoy the optimal web experience! Our development methods dissociate scripts, content and styles in order to guarantee a scalable and modular structure. through our experienced team, associated with the expertise and infrastructure of our partners, we offer a full service at a much lower cost than your usual suppliers. Asking us takes several minutes and can significantly reduce your budget!

Few days are sufficient to achieve the cycle: taking briefs / specifications, tendering, and client proposal. It even happened to produce the first models of an application to illustrate our proposal in less than a week. Our independence vis-à-vis our suppliers is crucial, although we have not been resorted until now, our real power to sanction can ensure a consistently high quality delivery.

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