Target customers effectively, differentiate the analysis and effective communication to online buyers to better understand their needs

It’s Important !

In 2010, while 92% of U.S. consumers say do some research on-line on products or services before buying them in 2010, the web has been organized to try to best meet their research. The web is different from the mass media. Many tools and leverage the Internet to allow the brand forward and to make visible the products to meet specific needs.

Appear where you need and when to

One of the biggest changes is the predominant SEO (paid and free) and its strategy of “long tail”. Indeed with this practice, it is possible to capture more than a passive eye but actively seeking user. The web allows you to appear on the applications you want and are capable of generating a purchase while the involvement of profitability indicators under control.
However, given the multiplicity of content and pages, the competition is fierce to get a spot in the top of the bill! Therefore it becomes very important that the marks are positioned on the tunnel acquisition clearly identified.

Towards a social visibility ?

Internet and provides an opportunity to increase visibility without the cost of communication through SEO, or investing money for a targeted visibility through paid search and product positioning in the price comparison and advice. But with the explosion of social networks, the key to visibility on the internet will not go only to the technical tools or financial control but also a social control of its visibility.

SEO: beyond the natural

In addition to work aimed to optimize pages “SEO friendly” or optimization auction to get a good ROI on Adwords, it becomes important for brands to become visible on sites where users are confronted with the products competition. Then there is the price comparison sites that represent products, for example, a tunnel used by 75% of French to find the right holiday plans in 2010. Be present on the price comparison requires a tariff policy study and a reference work followed for acquisition costs of interest.

With the advent of Web 2.0. and pervasiveness of the opinions of Internet users, companies must be prepared not only to compare their prices but also to see the public perception of their client. With the rise of social networks, it is likely that the figure of 24% of U.S. buyers on the Internet who claim to introduce social networking in their efforts to increase purchases! This requires that companies be prepared to have their broadcast messages are relayed on social networks.