The quest for progress and success of your plans requires a reliable and scalable system. The offshore programming of 2KiP has qualified team for these tasks…

Our Team, Our expertise.

2KiP consists of Project Managers, Engineers, Web designers, developers, integrators and experts in computer input.

You have a multidisciplinary team dedicated to meet your needs.

Process and Methodology

Successful operations of offshore outsourcing is much more strongly related to the competence of teams than to the quality of the organization of international projects.

You have a Web project, we study your needs and constraints and present you the solution best suited to your budget, your expectations and your infrastructure.
We design offshore online applications that provide visitors with interfaces customized to their needs, for example, taking orders, managing your customer relationship management (CRM), online store, asset management, etc. ..

The conception is the work of a multidisciplinary. The project’s success is the result of collaboration between several specialists under the supervision of a project manager.
In practice, from the specifications, the developer defines the specifications of the program: data structure, communication between modules, etc… The developer can also appeal to other employees such as salespeople, to define the purpose of the product and graphic designers define the design and ergonomics, etc. .. This work is done in close collaboration with the Client who is constantly informed of the progress of the project.
This important step is used to detect non-compliance and errors in order to correct them.
Product delivery with guaranteed maintenance 2Kip,
,We guarantee delivery after the correction of errors as well as the improvement and the product development.