In the long term or short term, for minor or major projects, on the basis of time and material or of a fixed price, with project managers on site or remote project teams, we always find the right formula!

Development Offshore

New high level skills appear on a market more international than ever. Communications and broadband can overcome distance and time. We allow you to save money while maintaining the quality of development and creativity beyond reproach.

Process and Methodology

The success of offshore outsourcing operations depends as much on the competence of teams as on the quality of the organization of international projects.

You have a development project, we study your needs and constraints and we present the solution that best suits your budget, your expectations and your infrastructure.

We design offshore online applications that provide customers with monitored interfaces and lifecycle management of their projects.

Teamwork: The projects are usually a collaboration between several members of our team under the responsibility of a project manager.

The developer may also have other employees such as salespeople who define in conjunction with the client the purpose of the product, or graphic designers who define the design and ergonomics.

Design:From a specification, the developer defines the specifications of the program: data structure, communication between modules …

The tests: detect non-compliance and errors and correct them.

Lastly, the maintenance,, is to tell the error correction after the release of the software or site, and improvement and product development.

Quality commitments


Being aware of the level of requirement of our customers’ punctuality, we adopt a strategy of dynamic management of resources and we are continuously investing in order to maintain a high level of QoS. These investments will ensure a total control of our commitments.

Bonus End Project

On The delivery of each product developed by 2KIP, we have been accustomed to competing in our engineers to offer you a gift. Whether an extra functionality, a schedule application or a few more pages, it’ll always make you happy.