Customized solutions developed according to the needs of your business, ensuring advice, analysis, support and maintenance.

Services in all “Agility”

scrum agile

Agile methods in the heart of our sercvices

An approach to develop our services in a iterative and incremental empowered by teams based on a minimal but practicing ceremonial documentary extensive collaboration

Agile methods in the production quotidinne.

We work with the aim to respond within constrained needs (which may change) users via the first qualitée.

Agility is the ability to respond to change, and even to encourage, to better adapt to the environment is more turbulent: in our information age, competitive advantage comes from speed and flexibility, we were the first in Tunisia to use this methodology in our project size.

Development of specifications

As part of web projects or development of information systems, you can benefit from the expertise and guidance of the team of consultants 2KiP , from the design specifications, both its functional and technical part.


Developing a summary document covering all stages of the project, the definition of users to the data dictionary, to the drafting of documents necessary for consulting service developers.

Audit & council

Good perception

Internet and in life every day have a good perception of its environment and its own qualities can make the right decisions and take the path to success.

Our audit services help you know your strengths and weaknesses and those of your competitors. This diagnosis will guide your plan of action through practical advice and arguments.

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SEO Expertise: Performance Audit of the Search Tools.


Expertise Webmarketing:Performance Audit User Experience.

Performance Audit of Your Website

Mobile & Embedded


Embedded systems are computer systems designed to operate in a vehicle or a portable (or not): mobile phones, security, interactive terminals, etc. ..

The main features of an embedded system is its low use of resources and especially the fact that it does not always use system I / O standard (keyboard-mouse-screen).
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Linux or Windows, we are able to provide you the ideal solution for embedded systems

Mobile applications:

Have its own application Smartphone has now become indispensable for both the image of your company as to meet changing consumer needs.

Our team is competent in developing mobile applications for any type of smartphone, the iPhone 3G Apple in the last Google Phone (Android) – Nexus One, and …

We support you throughout the duration of the project.

Outsourced development

Your needs are unique, special, special, different!

Software or software packages do not meet your requirements or simply want to develop a new product?


The development is a fundamental task in creating a franchise network. We must first respect the laws and regulations vis-à-vis the urban and commercial law while ensuring the feasibility of the concept. Then make sure the recruitment of franchisees for their motivation and experience to create the best conditions for project success.


The development of a specific application may be the only solution.

Our engineers are there to ensure that all business applications to respond to your request.

When this is known with certainty, the team 2KiP will accompany you on all phases of your project.

Offshore Web Design & Development


We carry out all development and ensure the creation of sites allowing you to increase your potential in the web and promote your brand. As specialists in web outsourcing, we are used to meet the deadlines of our customers and our teams are competent in many programming languages??: PHP, ASP, Java, Flash, HTML, CSS,. NET etc.

A standard web development process has the following steps:

  • planning site, including the definition of the strategy of the site, the choice of target audience and defining the data required for the sit s
  • planning the design and layout of the page, including the development of models of your pages and your interfaces.
  • Creating active application, including the creation of pages and dynamic Internet applications.
  • assembly, testing and deployment of your site, including text formatting, a compilation of your assets, an audit of the accessibility conditions, test your code and publishing your site.